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"The results were amazing! We generated more traffic than we'd ever imagined and as a result obtained 100 new leads for our product. I would highly recommend your travel certificates as a way to generate more leads and business."
Michael H.

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"The results were amazing and immediate!! We were able to increase our appointment settings by over 50% in the last 4 weeks alone. This has been the best marketing tool we have ever used. I would highly recommend this to any business!!"
Lisa M.

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Order Form

Attention Business Owners, Website Owners, Network Marketers, and Newsletter/E-Zine Publishers

How would you like to boost your sales, get more visitors to your website, and increase your newsletter subscriber base profoundly?

Now you can use the Marketing Incentives that are the Most Popular, The Most Effective, & Best of All, "The Least Expensive" on the Planet.

"Free Hotel Room" Travel Certificates!

Travel is... and has been... the #1 marketing incentive tool used to motivate potential customers to take action! Everyone loves to travel and when they can go on vacation and "Not Have To Pay For Their Hotel Rooms".... They Love It Even More!

No Matter What Kind of Business You Have, Our "Free Hotel Room" Travel Certificates WILL Motivate Your Potential Customers to Take Action.

Some Examples of how to use these certificates:  

  • "Subscribe to our newsletter".... or.... "Buy a widget".... or.... "Spend $50 in our store this Saturday".... "and you'll receive a FREE Vacation Certificate good for 3 Days and 2 Nights at your choice of 20 fabulous resort destinations".

  • You can offer the certificate as a reward if a customer buys one item, buys multiple items over a period of time, comes in for a sale, visits your website, gives you a referral, signs a 1 year contract, etc., etc., etc.

  • The possibilities for this extraordinary marketing tool are endless and can be adapted to just about any business. They work exceptionally well for any company using telemarketing to secure appointments for their sales representatives, or any type of internet business.

Each of our Travel Certificates has a value of up to $400 in Free Hotel Accommodations, for two adults. Guests only pay the room tax ($9-$12) and a flat $15 registration fee and their HOTEL ROOMS ARE FREE.

Your Customers and Subscribers Will Enjoy 3 Exciting Days & 2 Fun Filled Nights at Their Choice of Twenty of the Most Popular Vacation Destinations in the United States & Mexico.

These hotel accommodations are not connected with any time-share presentations or sales pitches & each Travel Certificate comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. The travel company providing this guarantee is a member of the West Florida Better Business Bureau and is Fully Licensed as a reseller of travel. Please see our FAQ for more details about our Vacation Certificates.

This is the "Least Expensive" and "Most Effective" incentive marketing tool available in the industry. Thousands of Businesses have used and proven the effectiveness of Travel Certificates for more than 25 years. If you want the "Biggest Bang" for your "Advertising Buck", Increase Sales, and want to "Get a Step Ahead of Your Competition".... give them a try. They work.... and produce " Outstanding Results"!

There are Two Options For You to Choose From:

Option 1:

We can provide you with Great Looking Professionally Printed Travel Certificates Personalized with Your Business Name. These are great because the Certificate will say " Compliments of YOUR BUSINESS NAME" in big bold letters across the top, dramatically increasing your advertising and exposure for your business. (click here to see an example of a personalized vacation certificate)

Your Personalized Vacation Certificates will be mailed to you by Priority Mail the next business day after the receipt of your order. Your cost is only $1 each, with a minimum order of 100 Certificates. We accept Visa or Mastercard, as well as company checks & money orders.


Option 2:

We can provide you with a Generic "Master Certificate". This will allow you to print or photocopy as many certificates as you need, when you need them. You just print as many copies of the Master Certificate as you need. With this option, you pay a one-time setup fee of only $29.97 Just $9.97, for a Limited Time! and you will have access to an unlimited number of certificates to use with your business, hand out to friends & family, give as gifts, etc. (click here to see an example of a generic vacation certificate)

Your Generic Master Certificate will be sent to you by email as an Adobe PDF document within 24 hours of your completed payment. Since this certificate is in a PDF file format, not only can you print the certificates, but you can also easily send them to your customers or prospects as an email attachment or make it available for download from your website. We accept PayPal and Visa or Mastercard payments with this option.

This travel certificate has been discontinued by our travel fulfillment partner. We are currently working on a contract with a new travel fulfillment company. Please come back later to find our newest travel discount deal. See you soon!

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Another Testimonial from One of Our Distributors:

"I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the new travel certificate program you have provided our company. I felt it would work, but I had no idea how well. I have already passed this tool on to several of my other sister travel companies and I expect it to be used quite often by us in the future in our booking and recruiting efforts. Thank you!"
Mr. Al Boek



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